The First Query

Nothin’ beats a good select stah.

J Falletti
A photo of a radar dish pointed upward at sunrise
Photo by Donald Giannatti

New job? New data set? First time using SQL? First time seeing that file? Reviewing someone else’s code/output?

When it comes to data analysis of any kind, people of all experience levels ought to begin with getting situational awareness:


This little query opens a thousand doors. I run it every day.

Highly Successful Data People have a habit: the instinct to first grasp, even in a shallow way, what the data looks like.

It bears repeating! Make it a reflex. Make it a habit.
Ask: what is the shape of the data? And follow your curiosity from there.

***Please query responsibly: use LIMIT 10/TOP 10. Add your joins one at a time. Don’t hold your assumptions tightly. Have fun!

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